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Alba Dal Monte Inc.

Herbal Powder Shampoo & Reusable Storage Set

Herbal Powder Shampoo & Reusable Storage Set

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Everything you need to make your natural hair-care regimen as easy as possible. Every item included in the set is both reusable and recyclable.

You will get:

1 - 150gm Herbal Shampoo Powder (valued @ $27.00)

1 - Brass Shampoo Canister (valued @ $81.47)

1 - Brass Measuring Teaspoon (valued @ $15.74)

1 - Brass Funnel (valued @ $18.47)

1 - Green Squeeze bottle w/nose tip (valued @ $7.47)

That's a total value of $150.15, you save 15% when you purchase the full set.

Images are representative of final product; size, colour and labelling may appear differently than in the photograph. 
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