Salon Results Without the Chemicals

Our HAIR MUD gets the oil out, just like regular shampoo, and leaves your hair full of bounce, texture and shine. Now you can get pretty and help protect your health at the same time.

100% Raw Herbal Ingredients. No added preservatives, no synthetic ingredients and unscented.

    • Get's the oil out
    • Strengthens roots of the hair
    • Fortifies the hair strand
    • Encourages hair growth
    • Balances sebum of scalp, so less oily/less dry
    • Helps sooth scalp conditions
    • Decreases frizz
    • Increases shine
    • Increases bounce & texture
    • Decreases exposure to chemical ingredients
    • Decreases contribution to garbage 
    • Waterless formula reduces fuel consumption

Wash Your Hair Without Messing With Your Head

Did you know many ingredients in regular shampoo are related to the disruption of our body's hormone regulation? Did you know this can influence our mental health? (And I don't mean for the better.)
Alba Dal Monte HAIR MUD ingredients has none of that nonsense!


At first I wasn’t sure about the powder-mix form, and whether it would clean my hair properly. I’ve tried a bunch of natural shampoos, and most of them felt like using dish soap on my hair. My hair felt dull, dry and lifeless. Alba Dal Monte shampoo has really cracked the code on making a natural shampoo that works as well as the expensive salon shampoos. I always get compliments on my hair on wash days - it’s extra bouncy and shiny!


I have short hair. I have being using the shampoo with dry hair (kept as a hair mask) and wet hair (regular style while taking a shower). Results are either way very pleasant.My hair feels clean and strong. I love the feeling there are herbs on my scalp.


As someone with curly hair, I take great pride in finding the best hair care products to enhance my hair characteristics. I enjoy the Alba Dal Monte shampoo because I know that it contains all natural products that will not harm my scalp or hair in anyway. I have been using it for over a year and my hair always feels like silk after wash day! Not to mention, the shine always gets me compliments.


I was losing my hair, what I had left wasn't much. Along with other interventions, after I started using this shampoo, my hair began growing back and my hair strand became much stronger. I love that the ingredients are so simple, I don't feel guilty washing this down my drain.

Our shampoo comes as an herbal powder, all you have to do is add the powder to water and give it a shake. 

Based on the ancient beauty secrets of India and Iran and guided by Ayurveda science; the ingredients of our shampoo have been used for thousands of years to protect and strengthen hair, while also promoting a healthy scalp.