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Alba Dal Monte

Herbal Powder Shampoo Refill

Herbal Powder Shampoo Refill

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About: Use this shampoo as a hair cleanser and hair mask in one. A mixture of ancient hair-care herbs from India and Iran, meant to strengthen your hair from root to tip and condition your scalp to help prevent annoying scalp conditions. 30+ washes in each bag, depending on the length of your hair, less if longer, more if shorter.

Water must be added to activate the shampoo, it should feel a bit slimy in texture and will not foam. Spreading the paste thoroughly on scalp is essential to this product's ability to perform. There may be herbal powder left in your hair after washing, this is not harmful, just a matter of taste. 

With each wash, your scalp & hair health should improve. In Ayurveda these herbs are known too strengthen & protect your hair, while also cleansing. For best results, following instructions below & apply before getting into the shower. To get the benefits of a hair mask, apply shampoo following instructions below & place a shower cap over your hair. Let the mask sit for 30 minutes before rinsing as usual. If you are washing your hair after an oil hair treatment, apply shampoo following instructions below, rinse out & repeat with another shampoo application to remove all oil residue, if desired. Though not necessary, mixing your shampoo the night before or 20 minutes before desired use, will give an even better application experience.

Ingredients: 6 plants to be revealed after funding goals are reached.

Note: Herbs will form lumps if added to the squeeze bottle before water or if not shaken immediately after adding to the water in the squeeze bottle.

Measurement Guide:

Bob: 1tsp into 50ml water

Shoulder Length: 2tsp into 100ml water

Armpit Length: 3tsp into 150ml water


1. Measure water into squeeze bottle

2. Use dry funnel to add herbal powder into water

3. Put on lid & shake vigorously

4. Apply evenly to dry scalp & gently massage into scalp

5. Pile hair on scalp & spread shampoo through hair

6. Rinse hair thoroughly w/lukewarm water

7. Follow w/conditioner &/or rice water rinse

8.Rinse your squeeze bottle out after each shampoo application to avoid leftover buildup & mold

9. If washing after an oil hair mask, must wash twice, just like with normal shampoo

For external use only. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease.

Preservative Free. Soy, Gluten & Dairy Free, 100% Vegetarian. Recyclable Packaging. Biodegradable scoop.

*organic ingredients whenever possible.

Images are representative of final product; size, colour and labelling may appear differently than in the photograph. 


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